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Songlines Magazine

'It was clear that he pulls from a wide range of influences, but with Indian classical music always very much at the the core of what he does. What particularly stood out was the standard of arrangements – Degun proved himself a sophisticated composer on tunes that seemed to grab you like an undertow, leaving you no choice but to surrender to the music and be carried out to sea.'

Tyke it to the Limit

'This concerto was an absolute delight, it wasn’t a case of dumbing down Indian music for Western ears, more raising the level of what we are used to and introducing us to the joys of the instrument and the ways in which it can be used. I can’t praise this work, and its composer, highly enough.'

God in is the TV

"It manages, as if by sleight of Jasdeep Singh Degun’s hand, to simultaneously embrace simplicity and complexity in its extraordinary delivery, opening as it does what is a unique new sound to a potentially brand new audience."

The Reviews Hub

4.5 stars!
"Jasdeep Singh Degun’s Arya ... was striking in his ability to be both Indian classical and Western classical and sound at ease with both. Arya proved to be thoroughly accessible... it always put Degun’s virtuosity on the sitar to the service of the overall concept. Intense, but never troubled, it ended by fading into serenity."

Pulse Magazine

'Constructing such a bridge takes careful, patient work on both sides – and the bi-musical training Jasdeep possesses to sustain that work. There is vital expressive potential in the dialogue between Indian and Western classical idioms, and it is urgent – at a time when politics is building cultural barriers rather than bridges – that we recognise the importance of that potential to the development of both traditions in the UK.'

Yeah Lifestyle

Sitting cross-legged, Jasdeep’s whole body was involved in bringing the sitar to life. The combinations of notes were sometimes breathtakingly fast, sharp and complex, and sometimes gentle enough to vibrate the strings into humming. He seemed to manage both; everything in between and the long spells of sustained playing with ease.


'The ensemble was mesmeric, from drone to sitar and harpsichord to tabla, Jasdeep Singh Degun’s 6-piece were breathtakingly tight, playing as one in the way great ensembles can. The technical ability of each performer was clear, and the splendour of the combined sound was hypnotic...'


Industry Testimonials


Nitin Sawhney, Multi-Instrumentalist

'Such a pleasure hearing and seeing him play… always so exciting to witness the emergence of brilliant new artistic voices'

Guy Chambers, Record Producer

'Jasdeep is a fantastically flexible and intuitive musician, able to fit into any musical situation. I really enjoyed working with him and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for a session.’

Cerys Matthews, Musician

‘Jasdeep is a passionate and enthusiastic player. He is open to trying new ideas, is easy to work with and is a natural performer.’

Pulse Magazine

'the most sought-after Indian classical musician in the UK at the moment.'

Roopa Panesar, Sitarist

'Jasdeep is an awesome, bright, young talent sure to take audiences by storm with his fresh and exciting approach to music. He is a definite future Sitar Hero!'

Steve Abbott, Consultant Music

‘Jasdeep is that rare combination of gifted musician both creative and virtuosic, and the personal drive that will make sure his music will be heard.’

Shri Sriram, Musician/Producer

'Jasdeep is a new-breed Indian musician who is great at classical but also is very good in an ensemble - something that requires a very different discipline. He has renewed my faith in working with a Classical musician because of his open mindedness, understanding of western harmony and is an essential part of the 'Just A Vibration' project.'

Ms Dynamite, Musician

'Jasdeep is an amazing, wonderfully kind spirited person, he is extremely knowledgeable where music (and particularly the sitar) is concerned, he plays beautifully and although he is SUPER passionate about his music and expertise he's remained patient, very driven and humble which makes him an absolute pleasure to work with!... He has all the qualities that I think it takes to make a GREAT musician!'

Girishh Gopalakrishnan, Film Composer

‘...Jasdeep has always had keen musical acumen and eclectic musicality, which reflects in his ability to adapt to any global musical form. I can confidently state that Jasdeep is one of the most promising young talents from the British Asian music scene.’

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